Tips and Tricks

1.  Tips and Trick No 1.

Type any thing from numeric keypad 

You can type ABC...Z / abc....z from numeric keypad, just hold Alt then dial 65 from numeric Pad. As you will release Alt key "A" will be there at cursor's Position 

65 ~ 90 [A ....Z]         and    90 ~ 122 [a.....z]

2.  Tips and Trick No 2.

Increase / Decrease font size from 1 to 1638 in Microsoft WinWord by  Ctrl + ] /Ctrl +[


3.  Tips and Trick No 3.

How to use Copy & Paste command  in CMD mode  in Windows.

 Step 1: Star>> RUN  now type cmd press [Enter]

Step 2: Right Click on the Title of the CMD window and Select Properties(as shown below).

Step 3: Now check the(QuickEdit Mode) option as shown in following.
Step 4: Everything is Done, Now just Copy any Text from Here or Anywhere else Using CTRL + C keys and just Right click using your mouse on CMD. You will see that the text is been pasted automatically in CMD.



4.  Tips and Trick No 4.

Give colour to your folder  

 Download this software and Install.

Right click on the folder and follow the instruction according to image.

5.  Tips and Trick No 5.

Create a hidden folder.

a. Right click on free space where you want to get folder.  Then New and Click on folder

b. A (New folder) will appear, Change it's name by pressing Alt + 255 from numeric pad.

Hold down Alt then type 255 and release the Alt key. 

c. Now your folder has no name.

d. Now it's time to hide the icon from view.

e. Right click on icon /folder then click on properties

f. Then click on Customize.

g. Now click on (Change Icon.....)
h. Now scroll the icons and get following blank icon next to lock icon and click OK ... to complete the process

All done.

Note :- if you want to create another hidden folder then you have to press Alt + 255 two time and same if you wanna more then three times  and so on.





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